This Man is Brilliant! 

As 1st time home buyer I went into the market not knowing a single thing and as a 1st timer the entire process can be a bit nerve racking Everything from prequalification to closing and everything in between, Aris was with me every step of the way. Always quick to respond to all my questions or concerns and on top of every property bid. It was comforting to have a partner like Aris to make things happen and that is exactly what you need in this competitive Bay Area market. After all was said & done and my daughter & I are moved into our new home, I now have a real estate professional for life and a new friend. Thanks again Aris



To Whom It May Concern,

If I had one word to describe Aris Nunez as a realtor, that word would be dedicated. About ten years ago, when John and I were in the market for buying a new home, John said he knew of someone who could help us. He heard nothing but good things about Aris, so when we called him, we knew right then and there he would be our agent.

During our home shopping days, the housing market crashed.  However, living and looking to buy in the Bay Area, it seemed we were in the buyers’ market. There was always competition and we weren’t just going to settle. We put our trust in Aris that he would find us the right home.

We just had our first child, I was going back to school. So working full time, newly parents, and attending classes in the evening. Our life was crazy. However, Aris, never let that deter us from our goal of owing a new home.

We took a small break of home searching because being new parents was a challenge on its own. But a few months later, we started our search again. Aris was there to help us every step of the way. One thing I liked about our experience working with Aris, is that he didn’t just send us a listing and expect us to put in an offer, he took the time and worked within our schedules to physically check these homes out (we saw a lot!), and each time, he was always prepared. If we had a question, he always had the answer. He always came prepared and very professional.

It took us time to find the right home, but with Aris’s help, professionalism, dedication, John and I became first-time homeowners on July 27, 2010. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Aris and get to know him in the process. Today, he has become more than our realtor, he is family. I highly recommend Aris as your realtor. Thank you Aris.


                                                                                                                With Gratitude,


The Mangante Family


Where  I first asked a Aris to be my realtor I wasn't expecting him to go above and beyond the regular duties of a realtor he helped me through the process of getting financing and dealing with a broker, I went through many houses before choosing the one that fit me Aris was very patient and understanding as I went through this process the process took me awhile because I was dealing with some personal issues which lead to me being homeless and Aris give me the keys to his house and I stayed at his house free of charge until I was able to purchase my house, like I said beyond the Call of Duty, Aris was very knowledgeable and professional I knew exactly what to do and when to do it I will definitely use him on my next purchase and I will recommend him to everybody.


Chivago Jolly



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